JPEG Vs raw

  1. JPEG is the most common file format due to its good quality ad compression ratio for storing
    realistic images. This file format compresses in order to reduce the file size without loosing quality.
    The file size would be about 10 to 40 percent of the original photo. JPEG is recognized by
    programs for viewing photos since the photo is close to finished and is ready to be printed. But
    because JPEG compresses the file, it often looses data and quality, leaving a small margin for
    editing. Resulting in the more inferior file format compared to Raw.

Portraits tips

Whilst capturing photographs you commonly want the focal point to be on your face. In other words you need the difficulty’s face to be in a sharp cognizance, but the historical past have to be lots softer. To get this affect you could want together with your DSL’s camera setting. Ahuge aperture will help create a shallow intensity of field , and to catch. With virtual photgraphy, which capturing

white balance

White stability is used to get colors within the photo as accurate as visible, as every now and then the images can pop out yellow blue and so forth. There are seven present white balance settings car, tungsten Fluorscent daytime/ sunny, cloudy flash and color camera to make the pleasant bet by means of foundation and it works in maxium condtions


This picture is surrealism because this picture can mean many thing it’s surreal because instead of her stomach area it’s a mirror seeing through the back ground that’s a example or surrealism.

Action and motion

These photos I got from the internet are action and motion because the person shot the picture while they were moving.

And these pictures are action and blurr because the main image is blurry and the back ground is sharp

file formats

JPEG is known all image format . They can installation to save many pictures to a memory card. There are nice, if you have a paragraph nice there can be much less compression that perform a picture. The pro’s of a JPEG is that you incorporate many photos on a memory card, con of its far that there could be the loss of due to the photographer