This picture is surrealism because this picture can mean many thing it’s surreal because instead of her stomach area it’s a mirror seeing through the back ground that’s a example or surrealism.

Action and motion

These photos I got from the internet are action and motion because the person shot the picture while they were moving.

And these pictures are action and blurr because the main image is blurry and the back ground is sharp

file formats

JPEG is known all image format . They can installation to save many pictures to a memory card. There are nice, if you have a paragraph nice there can be much less compression that perform a picture. The pro’s of a JPEG is that you incorporate many photos on a memory card, con of its far that there could be the loss of due to the photographer

depth of field

These pictures are depth of field because of on one of the pictures taken. The back ground is blurry and the main thing that’s supposed to show is the pole. And the other picture it’s a perfect picture of the pole and the back ground no blur or nothing

camera modes

Automatic: while the camera sets ios, shutter velocity, aperture, and flash for you

aperture priority: a putting at the same camera that allows the person to pick specific aperture cost while the camera selects a shutter speed even to matching on the way to result in popper exposure primarily based on the lighting condition’s

shutter priority: a putting at the same camera that allows the person to pick a shutter spped even as a the digital camera.

program: The digital camera nevertheless sets for you. it chooses aperture and shutter pace for the light available.

Manual: inside the mode you could manually set both the aperture and the shutter speed to any value you need.